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Energy Recovery Devices Type iSave

Energy Recovery Devices Type iSave

The iSave 21-40 consists of an isobaric pressure exchanger (PE), a high pressure positive displacement booster pump (BP) and an electric motor.
The isobaric pressure exchangers are based on the technology used in the Danfoss APP pumps, and the high-pressure booster pumps are based on the vane pump principle enabling a very light and compact design. The design of iSave 21-40 ensures lubrication of the moving parts by the fluid itself.
All parts included in the iSave 21-40 are designed to provide long service life with a constant high efficiency and minimum service required.
The vane pumps are fixed displacement pumps in which the flow is proportional to the number of revolutions of the driving shaft – enabling flow control.
The electric motor provides speed control of both the pressure exchanger and the high-pressure booster pump on the same shaft – preventing over spin / over flushing.
The iSaves need a VFD that allows the motor to apply a constant torque from low speed to maximum speed.


• One of the smallest and lightest energy recovery devices on the market
• Few components
• High efficiency
• No need for high-pressure flow meters
• No expensive high-pressure mechanical seal
• No risk of over spin / over flushing
• Easy modular service
• All parts of the device are made of high corrosion resistant materials i.e. super-duplex




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