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High Pressure Pumps For Fire Fighting Type PAHF

High Pressure Pumps For Fire Fighting Type PAHF

The Danfoss PAHF pumps are especially designed for the high-pressure fire extinguishing industry. It is dedicated for the water mist market for both land and marine applications. The pumps are designed for operation on tap water and the size ranges from 20 ccm/rev to 40 ccm/rev and can provide a l ow from 14 to 115 l/min (3,7 to 30,3 gpm). 
Two types of valves are designed for direct mounting on the pump, depending on the specific need: a check valve and a relief valve. 
The axial piston principle provides very high efficiency, small and compact design and long service life. 
The Danfoss pumps are water lubricated and do not involve any other lubricant, making this unique pump maintenance free over its entire service life.


• Very compact and light pump (can be installed with direct coupling to an electric motor/combustion engine)
• Generates insignificant pulsations in the pressure line
• No preventive maintenance required (no periodic service like eg change of lubricant and wear parts)
• Service life 500 hours
• All parts of the pump are made of non-corrosive material and the surface is easy to clean
• Few wearing parts
• Pumps can be directly boosted, without the need of a tank


• Pump sizes with nominal flow ranges from 14 l/min up to 115 l/min / 3,7 up to 30 GPM 
• Flow is proportional to the shaft rpm. 
• Geometric displacement 20-40 cm3/rev 
• RPM range from 700 to 3600 /min 
• Continuous pressure up 160 bar / 2300 PSI (peak up to 220 bar / 3200 PSI) 
• Fluid: clean tap water according to EU-Directive 98/83/EC (10µ absolute filtration, ß-value > 5000) 
• Fluid temperature 3° to 50° C / 37° - 122° F (with antifreeze -30° - 50° C / -22° - 122° F) 
• Ambient temperature 0° C to 50° C / 32° - 122° F 
• Total efficiency over 90% on certain pumps and certain load conditions 
• Stainless steel AISI 304 design

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