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High Pressure Water Pumps

High Pressure Water Pumps

The Danfoss high-pressure pump range is based on the axial piston principle (5–9 pistons) enabling a very light and compact design with very low pulsation and airborne noise.

Energy efficient, dependable, low maintenance – Industrial pumps from Danfoss will save you time and money and help you protect the environment! 

All Danfoss high-pressure industrial pumps are completely oil and additive free because they use water as the only lubricant. This means that there is no risk of contamination to the environment and the fluid being pumped.   

All Danfoss industrial pumps are designed for long service life, high efficiency resulting into cost efficiency.

The entire range features:

• Very light and compact design
• Very low pulsation and airborne noise
• Lubrication of moving parts by the water itself
• Parts and materials designed for long service life (typ 8000 hours) and high efficiency

 Danfoss industrial pumps are the perfect solution for a multitude of different applications including:

• Fire fighting
• Reverse osmosis
• Wood processing
• Humidification
• Industrial cleaning


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