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High Pressure Pumps For Technical Water Type PAHT

High Pressure Pumps For Technical Water Type PAHT

The Danfoss PAHT High-Pressure water pumps are specifically designed for operation on technical water.
Nine pump sizes with displacements from 20 to 308 ccm/rev are available providing flow in the range from 9-338 l/min. (2-90 GPM)
The axial piston principle provides very high efficiency, small and compact design and long service life.
The Danfoss pumps are water lubricated and do not involve any other lubricant making this unique pump maintenance free over its entire service life.

• Maintenance free due to water lubrication and direct drive (no belt or gearbox)
• Very high efficiency compared to any other pump on the market
• Small, compact and light design
• Negligible pressure pulsation, no need for pulsation dampeners
• Extreme recirculation capability without overheating (up to 90% flow at 20o C)
• Wide speed control range
• Stainless steel design AISI 316 (W. No. 1.4401).
• Fulfils most stringent hygiene requirements, i.e. VDI 6022, HACCP
• Suitable for both boosted inlet pressure and water supply from a tank
• Available as ATEX certified
• Can be powered by a Combustion engine
• 3.2 approvals available according to EN10204 (ABS, Lloydsore costumer request)

Application examples:
• Adiabatic cooling systems
• Dust suppression and odour control systems
• Humidification industry
• Fire suppression
• Compressor wash
• NOx-control in Diesel engines
• High-pressure cleaning functions with DI/RO water

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