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Solenoid Valves 2/2-Way Type VDHT with Manual Bypass

Solenoid Valves 2/2-Way Type VDHT with Manual Bypass

These valves are used in High Pressure Water Mist Fire fighting applications for opening individual protection areas either electrical or manually. All the necessary features are integrated in the valves for using the valves within the marine industry.

The valves are based upon existing solenoid valve programme used for water, cleaning fluids, neutral gases and light heating oil.

The directional valves are pilot operated ON/OFF function either as electric solenoid operated or by manual activation.
The valves are prepared for optional mounting of a switch so an electrical indication of manual open valve is possible. In addition there is a ¼” pressure and/or pressure switch at the out port for indication of open valve.


• Compact design and reduced installation cost
• Corrosion proof housing
• Reduced pressure drop
• Angle output on all valves
• 2-4 valves in one block to reduce fittings and installation cost
• Comprehensive standard coil program with IP 67 enclosure
• Valve also available as an ATEX version
• Service friendly

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