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Salt Water Pumps For Reverse Osmosis Type APP S 674

Salt Water Pumps For Reverse Osmosis Type APP S 674

APP S 674 pumps are made according to API 674, 3rd edition. The pump is designed to supply low viscosity and corrosive fluids under high pressure, e.g. in seawater reverse osmosis applications.
Danfoss APP S 674 pumps are positive displacement pumps, with axial pistons, that move a fixed amount of water in each cycle. Flow is proportional to the number of pump shaft revolutions (rpm). Unlike centrifugal pumps, they produce the same flow at a given speed no matter what the discharge pressure.
The pumps are supplied with an integrated flushing valve that allows the saltwater to flow from inlet to the outlet, when the pump is not running.
The pumps are made for flange connections.
All parts included in the pumps are designed to provide long service life, i.e. long service life with a constantly high efficiency and minimum service required.


• Zero risk of lubricant contamination: Oil lubricants are replaced with the pumped medium, seawater or brackish water, so SWRO and BWRO applications are completely free of any contamination risk from the pump.
• Low maintenance costs: Efficient design and all Super Duplex stainless steel construction ensure exceptionally long life. When Danfoss specifications are met, service intervals up to 8,000 hours can be expected.
• Low energy costs: The highly efficient axial piston design provides the lowest power consumption of any comparable pump on the market.
• Easy configuration:
- The lightest and most compact design available. Pump can be installed vertically and horizontally.
- No pulsation dampeners necessary due to extremely “low pressure” pulsation.
- Powered direct by electric motor or combustion engine.
- Pump can be delivered with all types of flange connections.
• Certified quality:
- Pump is designed according to API 674, 3rd edition.
- Super Duplex stainless steel M-630 from NORSOK M-650 certified foundries.
- Full traceability and material certificates on pressure containing parts.
- Pump available as ATEX certified, category 2, zone 1 or category 3, zone 2.

Application Areas

• The pumps are used in RO systems for production of fresh water. This water can be used for drinking or as technical water used for NOx reduction in gas turbines or as water used for injection into wells.
• APP S 674 pumps are not only applicable for offshore applications but can also be used on refineries or in processes where API 674 is required.
• As the APP S 674 pumps are made in Super Duplex stainless steel, it makes them suitable for rough offshore applications. Apart from that the small and compact pumps are a perfect choice for applications where component size really matters.

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