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High Pressure Pump Accessories

High Pressure Pump Accessories

Non Return Valves type VCM
The function of the non-return valve to be mounted directly on the outlet of the APP pump is to protect the pump by allowing flow out of the pump while blocking flow into the pump.
The valve incorporates a conical poppet design, which ensures sealing when used with a low viscosity medium such as water.
The non-return valve is produced in stainless Duplex W. Nr. 1.4462. The connection sealing is an O-ring made of Viton.
The valve is available for flows up to 30 m3/h or 500 l/min (132 gpm).

Hoses and Hose Fittings
The function of hoses with Victaulic® ends is to connect the APP pumps with the rest of the system in a flexible and noise-reducing way.
The hose assembly is produced with a nitrile rubber high-pressure hose, highly flexible, with 1.5“ Victaulic ends made of Duplex stainless steel.


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