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Salt Water Pumps For Waste Water Type APPW

Salt Water Pumps For Waste Water Type APPW

APPW 5.1, APPW 6.5, APPW 7.2, APPW 8.2 and APPW 10.2 pumps are designed to supply low viscosity and corrosive fluids  under high pressure, e.g. in seawater reverse osmosis filtration applications and for high pressure salt water pumping.

The APPW pumps are based on the axial piston principle enabling a very light and compact design, and they are designed so that lubrication of the moving parts in the pumps is provided by the fluid itself. No oil lubrication is thus required.

All parts included in the APPW pumps are designed to provide long service life, i.e. long service life with a constantly high efficiency and minimum of service required.

The pumps are fixed displacement pumps in which the flow is proportional to the number of revolutions of the input shaft and the pump displacement, regardless of any counter-pressure.

• One of the smallest and lightest pumps on the market.
• Can be powered by a combustion engine provided that a special coupling is used.
• Generates insignificant pulsations in the pressure line.
• No preventive maintenance required (no periodic service like e.g. change of lubricant and wearing parts).
• Long service life. Danfoss guarantees 8000 hours maintenance-free operation.
• All parts of the pump are made of non-corrosive materials eg. duplex (SAF 2205/EN1.4462) and  super duplex (SAF 2507/EN1.4410) stainless steel and carbon reinforced PEEK.
• High efficiency.

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