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High Pressure Nozzle Adapters and Tools

High Pressure Nozzle Adapters and Tools

Nozzle Adapters
Adapters are available to allow nozzles to be inserted into housings of various threads.
The adapters are delivered in packages of 10 pcs, and must therefore be ordered in multiplum of 10 pcs.

To avoid corrosion, high pressure stainless steel pipes and fittings must be used.
Recommended high pressure pipe:
Seamless stainless steel pipe according to
standard ASTM 269 TP 316L / DIN2391 – C.
12 × 1.5 mm
Working pressure: 381 bar / 5525 psi
Burst pressure: 1514 bar / 21950 psi

Recommended fittings:
Stainless steel twin ferrule compression ring fittings.
Recommended Tight gel:
Tight gel must be used between the nozzle and the adaptor.
Danfoss recommends Loctite 542 hydraulic thread tight gel.
To prevent particles from entering into the system and clogging the nozzles the following procedure must be followed:
• Deburr and clean pipes and fittings prior to the installation.
• Flush the system with water after assembling and before the nozzles are mounted.

For easy mounting and dismounting of the stainless steel nozzles, Danfoss offers a handy tool:
Code number 180Z0021.

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