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High Pressure Powerpack type PPH

High Pressure Powerpack type PPH

The Power Packs may also be supplied in customer-specific versions to meet all kinds of individual requirements.


Power Pack PPH is a compact and flexible supply unit designed for tap water hydraulic systems. PPH is primarily designed for the intermittent operation of simple cylinder and motor functions. PPH distinguishes itself by its suitability for use in surroundings where a high degree of corrosion resistance is required or where safety or environmental considerations require the use of alternative pressure media. PPH can also be used for continuous running applications. In such applications it might be necessary to use external cooling of the pressure media.

Design and Function:

PPH incorporates a fixed displacement axial piston pump driven by an IEC 100 electric motor, a plastic water tank, a return filter for the pressure medium, and a VPH 15 E Power Pack Valve containing the following functions: relief valve (for setting the required pressure), a normally open, electrically activated 2/2-way valve (to provide a bypass function). The water tank contains monitors for temperature and level. The water level can also be checked visually (sight glass). PPH is supplied with a flexible coupling and bell housing to suit an IEC 100 (BF5 flange) electric motor. This size of motor gives a flexible Power Pack and thus facilitates optimisation of the hydraulic system. The Power Pack is supplied without a coil for the electrically activated bypass function. The performance range of the IEC 100 electric motor is 0.75 kW- 3 kW and 750-3000 rpm.

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